Stopping Trump in November

Remaining Vigilant and Avoiding the Mistakes of 2016

We have less than 5 months to go before the presidential election.

Removing Trump from office is finally within reach. I truly believe that Joe Biden is the direction our country needs. Unlike Trump, he has decades of government experience at the highest levels. He doesn’t promote division, violence, or racist rhetoric. He has a center left platform mixed with progressive policies from former candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He has pledged to make history by selecting a woman as his running mate. He has shown not only appeal but an open mind and compassion.

A Biden administration can begin to salvage our reputation abroad, heal our wounds domestically, and aspire to greater days ahead.

Vote Biden November 2020 But before we get there, we must be vigilant against complacency. We must not fall into cynicism and resignation. We must vote.

2016 illustrated how painful it can be to underestimate the opposition. We assumed racist and offensive rhetoric was enough to prevent a demagogue from winning office. We assumed 8 years of Barack Obama would set us on a much different chapter as a country. We assumed and we lost. However, if there is anything to be grateful for during the era of Trump it is that we have been forced as a nation to confront our deepest and darkest demons. That there is still plenty of work to be done. But at the very least, the work to be done has been exposed from the shadows and we can now overcome them head on.

We can’t underestimate Trump this time.

Vote for your local representatives.

Vote for your state representatives.

Vote for your congressmen and senators.

Vote for Joe Biden.