Central Park Horse Carriage Abused Animals - Eliseo Labayen Queens City Council 2021

Animal Rights and Welfare

If elected to the NYC Council, I’d be an unabashed ally in the pursuit of animal rights as I would for any other fight to achieve social justice.

Social justice is the necessary pursuit of equity and justice in society in its many forms. It is the pursuit of accessibility for the disabled, a high-quality education and healthcare for the impoverished and disenfranchised, the proper guardianship of the earth and all its creatures and much more. To neglect the pursuit of animal rights would lead to a hollowing out of any claim to progressive ideals or an egalitarian society in our City.

The humane treatment of animals must always be a priority for NYC. If elected, I’d fight for this issue in the following ways:

Banning the sale of new fur apparel products using real animal fur

Mink in Cages for Fur Coats - Eliseo Labayen for 2021 I support and would vote for a ban on the sale of new fur apparel products using real animal fur. NYC must lead by example and put an end to the torture and violent death of animals caught simply for design and fashion. There are numerous alternatives that have already been embraced by popular designers around the world. In 2021 and beyond we must look to the future. The outdated and appalling practices of the fur industry must be stopped. 

Banning Horse Carriages in NYC

Horse Carriage Horses looking Sad and Abused - Eliseo 2021 I would fight to ban horse carriages in NYC. For far too long these horses have been treated as disposable commodities of entertainment rather than living beings. These horses are abused and overworked into injury or death on our city streets. Just as the fossil fuel industries must work to adapt to a green economy so too must our horse carriage workers work to adapt to an economy that prioritizes social justice and compassion.

Increased funding for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facilities

Eliseo Labayen for New York Animal Welfare - Eliseo 2021 If elected, I would fight to increase funding for our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facilities. As things currently stand, there is only one wildlife rescue facility in all of New York City. In a city of daily interaction between 8 million people and countless wildlife, we can do better. In a city where the police are tasked with wildlife rescue calls instead of a centralized corps of trained wildlife professionals, we can do better. In a city where wildlife is sooner shot than rehabilitated we can do better. If I am elected, we will do better.

Increased funding for animal care centers and rescue organizations

Animal Rescue Officer in NYC - Queens NY City Council - Eliseo Labayen 2021 We must increase funding for our animal care centers and rescue organizations. These centers are vital for those animals that are abandoned, neglected, abused and forgotten. Increased funding creates opportunities for outreached campaigns for providing homes, paying for professional staff, creating more locations and offering better services for these vulnerable animals. If elected I will fight to make this issue a priority.